Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fun Finds

My only crafting for this week is going to be in my dreams - duty calls and I am not near my craft room this week. But I still have an internet connection and am adding to my list of crafts to do in the next few weeks.
Everyday Celebrations has a tutorial for these little beauties. Even though I have boys, I think they would love these. I've seen some cute mailbox quiet book page ideas floating around web-land and these would be the perfect addition to a mailbox page after they get used for Valentines this year. #2 - Valentine's Day Countdown
I'm a sucker for a cute countdown craft. My Computer is my Canvas always has cute printables and this may just be my first purchase from her store. I know my boys would love this one!#3 - Swaddle Baby Blanket
I'm also a sucker for a cute baby blanket - especially one made from adorable flannel. I've seen these around at the fabric stores but We're the Joneses tutorial is easy to follow. This will be my next baby gift.#4 - Caramel Marshmallow Pops
My husband knows me very well and every Christmas he supplies me with my most favorite thing on earth - See's Chocolates Scotchmallows - - - - marshmallows with caramels dipped in chocolate. Well - Brown Paper Packages show me how easy it is to make some. I've always imagined they would be easy, but this is so easy I can't resist. She only did the marshmallows coated in caramel and dipped in pecans. I'm definitely going to add a milk chocolate layer in there somewhere. I'm a happy girl just thinking about it!

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