Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Simple Chair Cushion for an Important Gift

My good friend asked me if I would make a chair cushion for her to go with a Christmas present she was giving. Her first husband (father to her two boys) passed away a few years ago from cancer and she had a little chair that he had used when he was a child. Her now-husband stripped the paint and repainted it black - absolutely adorable! It was a gift for her new grand-daughter, first grandchild from one of her sons. A chair from her Grandpa A. that was refinished by her Grandpa R. A little pink chair cushion would be the perfect finishing touch.
I've made chair cushions before, but they were adult sized ones with thick pads in them. This miniature version turned out to be a little more difficult to do without instructions and a pattern. I think I unpicked more seams that I actually ended up sewing for the final version! But I think I'm a pro now at making one of these. The cushion really does set it off and pulls it all together!The best part about this little project is that I have a little chair from my childhood in my garage that needs to be stripped and repainted. It will also need a cushion. And now I'm motivated to do it!

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