Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gratitude Tree Advent Calendar

I love finding good ideas from people that don't mind sharing those ideas. Alison over at Oopsey Daisy created this wonderful Gratitude Tree Advent Calendar for November and she even included a download of the leaves for the magnets. Of course, since it was so cute, I had to jump right on it and make one just for my little family. Here is my version:
I hadn't used bottle caps before, nor a magnet board for that matter. A fun (but always overwhelming . . . I am a digital scrapbooker) trip to a local scrapbooking store got me all stocked up. I couldn't find the little resin bubble drops anywhere and used Alison's hint about ordering them on Etsy from Sun and Moon Crafts. They arrived in the mail this afternoon and the rest is history.

We're catching up on 4 days worth of things that we are thankful for and my boys are very excited to put the rest of the leaves on the tree throughout the month.

And for the record, I am grateful for my family, my friends, and the freedoms I enjoy. Now bring on the turkey!

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Alison said...

Thanks SO much for sharing this with me! I love how yours turned out!!! It's beautiful!! Enjoy your week, my friend!