Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Halloween Crafts I Love

I had hoped to get more crafty things done this week, but instead my week has been filled with work, work, and fun adventures with the boys. My philosophy is that we should get as much wear out of Halloween costumes as we can since you really only wear them this time of year (although I have been known to let my boys dress up in their costumes anytime they feel the urge and wander through the neighborhood). So we've been dropping in to any old thing happening around our local area this week that calls for costume wearing and candy collecting. The boys have been loving it.
So since I have nothing new to blog about, I present for my viewing pleasure, some of my latest fun blog finds for Halloween:

#1 - I have yet to sew a Halloween costume for either of my boys. I've made costumes in the past for friend's kids but just haven't worked up the energy to do it lately. However, this idea just might change my mind for next year. Homemade by Jill created this adorable Skeleton Costume and I just might willing to give this one a try - - - if I can talk son #2 into being a skeleton next year. He is incredibly independent and has an opinion about everything. So we'll see, but at least the idea is in my head now.

#2 - Over at She Wears Flowers, this super cute Witch Candy Bag gives me all kinds of ideas for future crafting projects. Another LOVE it!
#3 - making the transition to Thanksgiving now, I too have always believed that the Thanksgiving holiday gets shorted in its spot between Halloween and Christmas. We have loved our new Halloween Advent this year and have always loved Christmas Advents. Keeping it Simple - guest post from Project Naptime made this Thanksgiving Advent.#4 - But my most favorite for today . . . Oopsey Daisy made this Gratitude Advent Calendar. Love, Love, Love it! I like the idea of helping kids learn to be thankful. I'm printing the leaves out right now and will be making my own very soon (hopefully this weekend). Thanks for sharing!.

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